Decrypting Abbreviations

I usually post about serious stuff in here but every now and then I like to break the awkwardness with a dick joke or two.

Recently I made the shocking observation that the vast majority of secret agencies have the letter "S" in their names. The "S" typically stands for security but lets just pretend it actually stands for sex.

With this in mind here's a list of decrypted abbreviations of secret agencies:

NSA (USA) - National Sex Agency

CSIS (Canada) - Canadian Sex Is Scheduled (from 8AM to 4PM)

FSB (Russia) - Federal Sex Bureau

MOSSAD (Israel) - Masters Of Sadistic Sex And Domination

ASIS (Australia) - Anal Sex Information Services

MSS (China) - More Sadistic Sex

MOIS (Iran) - More Obstacles In Sex

It would be interesting to compare these agencies to other intelligence agencies that don't have the letter S in their names and see who gets more done.

I suspect that agencies where the number of mathematicians is higher than the number of psychologists probably get more done as well.

p.s. I just like to point out that I feel the same way about all secret service agencies. I have no favourites but I don't expect anyone to believe me since my name ends in -ova.