Cuba: First Impression

Going to Cuba was like going back home to the happiest times of my life when I had the least amount of material things and the most amount of true friends.

Every Cuban has a roof over their head, access to free healthcare, and free education.  That’s probably why they are so friendly with each other, and so easy to chat with.

This is the only country I've been to where people are more impressed about the fact that I am Bulgarian than about the fact that I am Canadian.

I’m sure that some Cubans have more than others but it’s not by much, which is why people are generally happier and more relaxed to chat with.

Label me a psychopath but I can’t seem to relax and enjoy myself in a place where the person who’s putting food on my table can’t afford to own a home, or to take their children to the doctor. 

This is why I couldn’t bring myself to go to Florida again even though the sandy beaches there are the same as the sandy beaches in Cuba except closer to where I live: because in Miami the gap between the rich and the poor is too wide for me to feel comfortable. I don't feel well in places where hard working people can’t even afford to take their children to the doctor.

In addition, going to a food court anywhere in the USA is heartbreaking because you see clusters of different ethnicities hanging out separately as if each cluster lives in a different country.

In Cuba you see people of different ethnicities hanging out together, singing and dancing, and laughing at inappropriate jokes because the PC movement is not needed in places where there’s no financial disparity based on racial segregation or gender inequality.

If the conversation gets heated you can always
cool off in the free for all beach

There’s this notion that Freedom of Speech does not exist in Cuba when it actually does to the exact same extent as it does everywhere else. 

Just like in the USA, if your speech aligns with those who have a say in anything, then you are free to speak. 

If my ass was slightly bigger then I'd be free to say
whatever I want about the FDA

The only difference is that if your speech goes against the speech of those who have a say in anything, then in Cuba you might get arrested whereas in the USA you will be tracked, traced, and finally ridiculed into suicide like Ernest Hemingway. If you can’t be ridiculed into suicide then you will get shot like Dr. King. 
 Hemingway with his friend Fidel Castro

Cuba is also probably the only former Soviet satellite state that was not turned into an oligarchy like the rest of the former Soviet satellite states after the Soviet Union fell apart. Its leaders had the courage to not go down the same road as the USA, to not turn its people into mindless consumers of vodka and/or junk food. 

It takes guts, and it takes big balls to stay true to your ideals especially when those ideals are not funded by anyone. 

All empires rise and fall eventually. Cuba as a nation will most likely outlast the USA and Russia.