Salvador Dali

Merriam-Webster defined 2016 as the year of the surreal. As a big fan of surrealism, I decided to visit  the birth place of Salvador Dali where he built a museum to display some of his work.

Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain

The museum from the inside
Salvador Dali built this museum after his muse and life partner Gala, born as Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, died.   

He added her name to many of his works to illustrate the influence she had on him. He was not the only artist she influenced but he was okay with that.

Salvador Dali museum

Dali also dabbled with making sculptures and jewellery, and there's a separate jewellery museum within the same museum building in Figueres, which is not pictured here.

A part of Gala exists in all of Dali's famous works, either in the form of her face or her name, or some other form. 

Their marriage was unconventional. He had to ask for a written permission to visit her. She often had gang bangs that Dali knew about and he was happy for her. 

A ceiling mural at the museum

The museum contains many of Dali's earlier, less famous works painted in a time when he clearly struggled to find his own style.