Communist Propaganda

Communism is respect for the worker

Mentally, men are the weaker sex.

If men were the stronger sex, then they would be the ones tasked by nature to give birth, which takes an enormous strength of character and courage.

Without children there is no continuation of the species, and without continuation of the species there is no history of men. In other words, regardless of how great men might think they are, without future generations there will be nobody to talk about their greatness. #firstlawofthermodynamics

When women let men rule them unconditionally bad things happen. History is filled with examples of atrocities committed by men who weren’t kept in check.

Although some women must also be kept in check

All forms of feminism are futile. Men should be left to think that they rule the world because they are the weaker sex and weakness seeks authority and the illusion of power.

The whole notion of feminism is a direct result of the capitalist regime. During capitalism women have to either assume the role of polite play-things who know how to be "proper" housewives or put pants on and act in the same manner as capitalist strong men.

In both cases those who suffer the most are children because capitalist women spend more time trying to either look pretty or to act like men, to seek the spotlight and to look like they have their shit together.

Raising children to be resilient in the face of adversity requires a lot of time, communal care, and patience.

Even when women stay at home in capitalist countries they only stay at home during the first few years of their children’s lives and then most of them either return back to work or get a divorce and marry others and make more children, thus leaving their older children behind.

As a direct result, many young people in capitalist regimes are left to their own devices at the critical age of 18 when young adults need their mothers or at least a caring community the most.

The capitalist society is a society of the individual where everyone competes against everyone else for a few gold coins. Greed is the most vicious disease that affects mankind, which is why there is barely any production left in North America. Why pay 10 bucks per hour for a factory worker in the States when you can pay 10 bucks per month for a factory worker in Vietnam?

The American Dream Made In Vietnam

Every country where young adults are made to pay for their education and health and/or dental care is a capitalist society regardless of other social policies. #dohCanada #TriCura

When young adults are left to their own devices in such a society where adults are at each other’s throats for a few gold coins, future generations often lose themselves and the society never reaches its true potential.

People stop having children in such societies. Many capitalists don’t want children of their own because they enjoy their self-serving lives, and they scoff at social programs that help those who do.

In Canada I frequently hear the question, "Why should I pay for crack babies" from women who refuse to put their uterus to good use. The same women often give me shit for not giving big tips to waitresses.

How do I know the waitress
didn't already spit in my drink simply because she doesn't make
enough to afford education and health care for her children?

What capitalist adults don’t understand is that in the end it is their own legacy that they kick out when they kick out their children before they are mature enough, or when they refuse to help other people’s children.

Capitalists believe that they are above nature, that they can conquer nature despite evidence to the contrary.

Capitalists also believe that communism is an old idea that doesn’t work because the Soviet Union fell apart.

And by capitalists I mean both republicans and democrats because as far as I'm concerned both camps are on the right of the political spectrum. There is no left in North America.

Karl Marx, the father of the idea of a communal society (a society where everyone works for the common good instead of competing with each other for a few gold coins), wrote about it a few thousand years after ancient Greeks first laid the foundations of modern capitalism.

Moral guidelines for the builders of communism
(Or why capitalists will never colonize Mars unless they have communists to compete with)
In other words, the ideas behind our modern day market economy are much older than the ideas behind cooperative economy.

What Karl Marx didn’t realize at the time is that not everyone has the strength of character to not need opium in the form of religion or spirituality.

Weak individuals will always seek a higher power to believe in even if the government forbids it.

Maybe Americans should change the slogan on their currency from "In God We Trust" to
"In Putin We Trust" for good luck.

There is no better example of what could be achieved in a cooperative economy than Israeli kibbutzim. 70 years ago Israel was just a desert. Today Israel is an oasis in the desert that supplies water and fresh fruit to neighbouring countries.

Conspiracy theorists believe that this happened because of people like George Soros who poured money into the economy but people in Saudi Arabia poured equal amounts into neighbouring countries without achieving the same results.

The logical reason why Israel is an oasis in the desert today is that hard working people in Kibbutzim who shunned religion in favour of the common goal of feeding their children, found innovative ways to replenish the soil and plant vegetation.

Capitalists always talk about incentive. In North American textbooks they say that the lack of incentive of workers to do a better job is what led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

As if McDonalds' workers have the incentive to not spit and/or put their dicks in rowdy customers'   burgers for a minimum wage and no benefits. #TheThingsILearnedWorkingForMcDs

The rich get richer and the poor stay poorer in North America. There's no incentive for anyone to do anything and that's why the leader of the free world today is an Easterner who grew up during communism.

Not sure how long her reign will
last considering how badly German
companies need mindless consumers
with enough money to pay
for useless products. At least the
German secret service will have Putin to
blame for their ruling class's shortcomings

The reason why people in the Soviet Union grabbed their pitchforks and went after the ruling elite was the Chernobyl disaster.

The Chernobyl disaster was the main reason why the communist regime fell apart because a lot of children got sick and died. The government didn’t inform the public about the disaster. There was a parade scheduled for the day after the disaster from before and it wasn’t cancelled. That day it rained and a lot of people brought their children to the parade.

The greatest communist propaganda that kept people at bay is that Communists are building a better future for the future generations.

People were willing to put up with all kinds of crap for the sake of their children because they knew that the path to their own immortality depends on the well-being of their children and their children's children.

Once their children started dropping dead like ripe fruit off the trees in the backyards of middle-class capitalists, the all-class communists went to the streets with pitchforks the size of traffic signs.

Rest assured this could never happen in a modern capitalist state because everyone is so doped up and hooked on painkillers that they wouldn't even notice if their children drop dead, and also because nobody even knows how to use pitchforks anymore or where to purchase any. #notavailableonamazon

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